Hey, how about this? I gotta say, what a guy.

Dear Steve,
I bought a chair from you at the CraftsBostonSpring Show after it jumped across the room from me as I approached your booth at the Cyclorama. What I didn't get a chance to tell you, is the experience of walking it out of the show past many artists, all too busy with their own shows to appreciate what you brought to yours. One woodworker said, " That chair was not made...it was born..." My experience of your work is to have changed by understanding of furniture all together. I now see it as an irreproducible piece of work resulting from the inspired union of artist and his medium in a singular moment in time. Every matched grain, precise joint, non-linearity of your pieces is testament to how deeply you have almost single handedly recreated my concept of furniture. I have decided to renovate an old guest cottage on my property to be a live-in museum of my favorite artist's works to be shared by other artists otherwise too dedicated in their work to have the time to appreciate and be inspired by yours. I look forward to expanding my own experience of your pieces over time and thank you deeply for what has taken a lifetime to develop as a craftsman and artist to share with us as you do. Your vision and work will long outlast you and me. I am grateful to share in this singular moment and encourage other readers to not underestimate the enormous difference in experiencing your work live rather than through the glossiest of internet pictures. The nuance of grain, texture, color, smell, all as the process of bringing your vision to form is not able to be fully captured except in person, in your home, over time as I appreciate your chair more with every experience of it. Very gratefully, Todd