My latest piece

asymmetrical dovetailed rosewood box - spalted new growth lower left

asymmetrical dovetailed rosewood box - spalted new growth lower left

“With the mud of the earth, make a cup from which your brother can drink.” Antonio Machado

go to the fridge and get a beer- this (below) is a 20 minute video.

sculpture for the Lexington Woodworker's Guild show. "Out of the Box"

oak on fire- red oak and red cedar

behind the plate- an ode to the catcher

white oak (left) and red oak rocking chairs

occasional chairs in walnut

aspen panels (1/16" thick) , walnut frame, walnut, maple, cherry base (l-r)

cherry craftsman style coffee table

a Sam Maloof (low back occasional chair)- George Nakashima (conoid chair) mash in cherry w/ the cherry pedestal table

walnut and maple cradle w/mobile

Mobile for the cradle

a slideshow of some of my work

steve mckenna

I am continuing my custom  furniture business after 43 years as a union carpenter in and around the Boston area. The values that I prize in my work are the quality of craftsmanship, the aesthetic value of each and every piece, and the care and thoughtfulness that I put into the process on each and every stool, table, chair, and desk that I build.  I have an obvious affinity for curves, as you can see.  Straight lines are necessary (for reference) but a curve plane or line is so much more appealing to the touch and to the eye.