wood Baby Box for Wally #dovetails #babybox

The box is really built as 2 stacked boxes- the bottom one is 1/2" thick basswood ( 7" wide) and the top one is 3/4"  butternut (3" wide).  The boxes are joined with 5mm x 30mm domino tenons (12 of them).  The rosewood strip reinforces the handles.  If you look closely, you'll notice that the dovetails joining the boxes are cut opposite for each box so that after  assembly, all corners are locked together.  There are 2 hickory runners fastened to bottom that extend past the box and lock one end into the wood rolling base.  The other end is locked in with a 5/32" brass pin.  The base is from an old office chair refitted with roller blade wheels.  Inside dimensions for the box are 27" x 16 1/2" and takes a standard mattress and fitted sheets that you can get from the baby box co.