Union Carpenter

As I have said before, I was a carpenter for 40 years before I retired. After retiring, I started making furniture. For the last 30 of those carpentry years, I did millwork installation (finish) and door and hardware installation. These are the toolboxes I used in that time to work.

The upright box on the 2 wheeler was for commercial doors and hardware. I would travel from doorframe to doorframe installing, depending upon what was scheduled for that opening, the hinges and door (s), closers, panic device, pull or push plate, lock, kick plate, hold open, coordinator (for panic devices on 2 doors), floor or wall stops.


The longer box on the 4 wheel dolly was for finish work, all of it commercial, in colleges and stores. Think of a college or a mall in the greater Boston area and I worked there.


Gio Ponti coffee table repair

Someone screwed up- they cut the ends off of a valuable collector’s piece of furniture because…..? Some of his pieces were originally painted black, so that’s how this one will end up. The most interesting of 3 repairs, I’ll post details from the others shortly.