the cradle in process.




      I have a very small, one person shop in Lexington, Ma.  All the pieces seen on this website were designed and made by me, by myself.  I have no one working with me in my shop, it's simply too small.

      My personal philosophy is that form always follows function, and the aesthetic of the work should highlight the natural beauty of the wood, as well as its craftsmanship.

Along with the aesthetic of the finished product, I am a believer in the design and process of woodworking. To me, the process and quality of the craftsmanship is part and parcel to the finished piece - though I take pleasure in each and every piece that my shop produces, there is a similar if not greater pride in watching each stool, chair, or table take shape. Form and function meet, and both play their role in the aesthetic and quality of a finished piece.  I'm 70 years old and I look forward to getting in to my shop every morning..


roughed out 3 legged oak stool

All woodworking, including furniture design and joinery, is necessarily based on what has come before. After all, carpentry is the second oldest profession. The masters who influence my work are all fairly contemporary - though also all unfortunately deceased. I would like to think that my work reflects:

  • The artistry and shaped lines of Wharton Esherick
  • The cohesive design and joints of Sam Maloof
  • The simplicity and integrity of Tage Frid
  • The delicacy and details of James Krenov
  • And the balance that George Nakashima struck between the natural world and his work.

black walnut rocker

I consider myself one of the luckiest people alive. I am doing what I love doing - designing and making functional, beautiful, and comfortable furniture from rough sawn lumber. Each piece contains a piece of me.