Conoid Chair

I took some instruction and advice today so I'm may be changing from an ignorant old geezer to just the latter.  The person said "the things that you think about and do every day are things that some people  are interested in knowing about."  To me, it's what I do, and there is nothing really special about it.  I get great satisfaction in turning rough sawn lumber into beautiful, functional furniture but I really don't see that you couldn't do it as well, if you decided that you wanted to.  You just need to pay close attention to details.   We'll see............ 

Anyway, the title of the blog is an attention grabber, because every one who is serious about furniture knows about George Nakashima's conoid chair.  I've decided to build my take on the conoid chair as one of my next projects.  It will be Sam Maloof meets George Nakashima. It's going to be a low backed chair with a highly carved seat and crest rail, a photo of the preliminary drawings are above.  Instead of a simple bridle joint, the main joint will be a double shouldered bridle joint (one of my favorites) set at 3 degrees.  

Progress and techniques are in later blogs as is the finished chair.  The finished chair is also on the Chairs page of this website.