My inspiration..

        There are no straight lines in nature.  Even the flatness of water has to have the curve of the earth. Straight lines are a manmade event, and a curve is so much more appealing to the eye.  When a horizontal member smoothly curves into it's vertically load carrying component, I love it!  It's so gratifying to me to find this line and carry it to the floor.  My objective is to make my pieces as light and flowing as possible.

        Most all woodworkers and many other people have a reverence for wood.  It is a material that was at one time alive.  All trees live in an environment with traumatic events.  These traumatic events during the course of a tree's life are noted in the tree's autobiography.  I always feel honored to be using slices of this book in the pieces that I make.  Wood is an amazing medium to work in.

        It is said that it takes an eye, a hand, and a heart to create furniture that has soul.  It is the eye to see the proportions and curves.  it is the hand to have the skill to make a joint that is sound, and the heart to have the courage to see and change a piece with the instinct that it will be an improvement

  "With the mud of the earth, make a cup from which your brother can drink."                                                    

 Antonio  Machado